District heating cabinets

They are made of galvanized and cold-rolled sheet metal, thickness 0.8mm or 1.0mm.
Ram and doors are plasticized in RAL 9003. </ p>

Ornaments are with adjustable racks and doors. </ P>

They are also made in other dimensions at the customer’s request. </ P>

Panel radiators


HVL steel sheet

Anti-corrosive protection:
After degreasing, a layer of basic water-based paint is applied which is baked at 160 ° C, followed by the final powder coating RAL 9003 which is baked at 200 ° C.

Testing and quality control:
Each radiator was tested at a minimum pritsak of 8.0bar
The maximum working pressure is 6.0bar
Quality control is performed by the Laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Nis.

connectors screw-in, 4pcs, R1 / 2 “
set for wall mounting,
plug and air tap R1 / 2 “

Guarantee: 10 years