Metal cabinets

Distribution cabinets for heating

They are made of galvanized and cold-rolled sheet metal, 0.8mm or 1.0mm thick.
The rack and door are plasticized in RAL 9003.

The cabinets are fitted with adjustable racks and doors. With each cabinet a set for assembly of the busbar and distributor is delivered.

They are made in other dimensions at the request of the customer.

Average openings for installation pass through all pages.
Door rack adjustable for 0-60mm

Distribution metal cabinets are designed for the installation and installation of various electrical equipment.
They are designed for mounting on the wall, wall and stand as free-standing and with each required mounting kit supplied.
Metal cabinets are made of cold-rolled steel sheet thickness according to the cabinet dimension, protected by the electrostatic polyester structural powder technology, which gives high resistance to environmental influences as well as excellent visual appearance.
We manufacture cabinets for all purpose objects: residential buildings of all sizes, cabinets for measuring groups for industrial and commercial buildings. They can be made for wall and wall mounting, empty or at the customer’s request can be offered and fully equipped.